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By Babsal

Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom Gb

Every year around this time we have hoards of crows in our sycamore trees. There are no nests in the trees but their continual daily croaking is driving us mad and the numerous black feathers on our lawn I feel is a health hazard to children. We are nature lovers but I wish they would caw somewhere else. Plus my robins, bluetits and collar doves have disappeared. Any ideas gratefully accepted.




What some fruit growers have done is to play loudly a recorded alarm call from a particular bird pest. I'm not sure what a crow 'alarm' call is like but I'm sure you might find one on the Internet if you looked (mp3 or wav file). Worth trying as they would probably get fed up if you played it frequently. Worth trying maybe?

30 Jun, 2009


Make a scarecrow?

30 Jun, 2009


If they are in large groups, they will almost certainly be Rooks, yes, Crows too I know..........I'll get my coat.

30 Jun, 2009

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