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How to keep snail off Hostas without using cemicals


By Jennyb

suffolk, United States Us

I grow Hostas in pots and put vaseline round the top of pots but snails still get them



You can buy rolls of copper tape at Garden Centres to stick round the top of the pots - the molluscs won't cross it because it gives them an electric shock if they try. I have also seen pot feet with copper on as well.

30 Jun, 2009


Put a trail of salt around the base of your pots the snails don't like it! :-D

30 Jun, 2009


AndrewR, I have lots of odd bits of copper pipe left over from plumbing work. Would these work like the copper tape if I placed them round a plant? (I've a Ligularia that is being destroyed by nocturnal visits from snails.)
Worth trying anyway, perhaps.

30 Jun, 2009


I have wondered about this too Bertiefox. I have two theories about how copper works. It could be that the creatures dislike the taste of copper. Or, it could be like Andrewr says, that a tiny electical current is generated in the copper when it forms a complete loop, a circuit, thus giving the slug an unpleasant little tingle. But if the former is true, then circuit or no circuit, I should think your bits of copper pipe would be effective. (I am assuming that a loop/circuit is necessary to make a current happen). You could just do an experiment and see. I myself use copper tape, and iron base slug pellets too.

30 Jun, 2009


garlic solution is also good - google a hosta specialist website or BBC gardeners world for details of how to brew and quantities/timing etc. Sposed to give quite good results I believe.

30 Jun, 2009


I have used copper tape around my hosta tub for the third year now.Take a look on my photo page.They are well on their way to being as good again this year. Just be sure that the leaves/branches of other plants don't arch over as snails will use these as a bridge !

30 Jun, 2009


Monty Don used copper pipe which he flattened and nailed round the top of raised vegetable beds and said it was successful so it should work round your Ligularias, Bertie.

30 Jun, 2009

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