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i was given a cucumber and it tasted very bitter, when i asked the gardener why, he said ive given you a male?


By Joshua

United Kingdom Gb

please confirm if this correct and how would i know the difference as i am growing my own.



No such thing. What he meant was that the fruit had been pollenated by a male flower on the cucumber plant. This makes them bitter. If you grow them then buy a female only type, no problem that way, except the disgusting taste of any cucumber!

30 Jun, 2009


hee hee Owdboggy now now , one mans meat and all that , . . .. I luv em , I grow F1 something or other ones and the fruit from them tastes great , a guy years ago was talking about getting bitter fruit on cucumber plants and said that he used cheap lemonade to water them a couple of weeks before picking them and this sweetened them up , I have no idea if he was telling the truth or a load of manure. Any thoughts anyone?

30 Jun, 2009


Males have no swelling behind the flower. Remove these as soon as you notice them and they wont pollenate the female, the cause of the bitter taste

8 Jul, 2009

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