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walnut tree disease


By Glenda

United Kingdom Gb

My walnut tree was pruned earlier in the year and the new growth was very good, but now the leaves on one side are going very dry and crispy and dropping off. It is about 22 years old, and we live in Hampshire UK. It does not have a presevation order on it. Please can you help.



Difficult to say exactly. A photo might help but this is not quite in my field of experience. Someone else may be able to help. Any pictures?

30 Jun, 2009


What's different about the side that's dropping leaves - is it more exposed to wind? Or sun? Is it next to a crop field if you live in the country, or next to common land, council owned land or allotments?

30 Jun, 2009


Re walnut tree disease. The tree is in a quite sheltered garden. It does have a large fern and some lily of the valley growing underneath it. There is farm land about half a mile away. I have noticed today that there is some new growth coming . I don't think it is wind damage. I will get a photo and send it on. It seems the new soft branches are now dying back from the leaves inwards.. Do you think we should prune these back to a healthy part, they still look quite strong the nearer you go to the branches.


1 Jul, 2009


I asked about farm land because I was thinking about herbicide spray drift - you could maybe find out if they've sprayed sometime in the last couple of months with anything (though they probably won't admit it) that may have drifted onto that side of your tree.

1 Jul, 2009

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