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Coreopsis looks dead

Arapahoe/Colorado, United States Us

What am I doing wrong? My Coreopsis look like they are dead. Everything else in the garden is starting to green up, just as they do every spring in Colorado, but the Coreopsis is still looks dead with no signs of green yet. Am I not giving them (6 plants) enough time? I have removed all the dead/dry leaves around the plant already. Please help, as I don't know whether to pull them up and put new ones in there place, or just give them more time.

On plant Coreopsis grandiflora



What sort of Coreopsis are we talking about? I have several types - one called 'Early Sunrise' is supposed to be hardy over here, but has proved not to be. I have just planted another group as I enjoy their bright colour - but will treat them as an annual this year. The C.vercillicata have reappeared after the winter,however.

8 May, 2008


I find I lose coreopsis if they do not have good drainage during the winter and even then, it can be a bit touch-and-go if we have a wet winter

8 May, 2008

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