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How do I get my jasminum polyanthum to flower.

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My jasmin is now 3 yrs old was health and in full flower -lots when bought. It is on a southfacing patio wall which only gets full sun from 8 am to 11ish am. It was planted in the right soil recommended and it is in a very huge pot. It has never flowered at all since putting it outside and every winter it looked as though it was dying after the frost but managed to pick up each time. I must admit I havnt been feeding it monthly all the time but have fed it some months during the summer only. This winter I am going to cover it with netting to protect from the frost and I am going to take it away from the wall to which it is clipped and wrap at around sticks in the pot instead to see if its happier that way and the netting will be easier also to wrap around it. Can someone please give me ways of how to get it to flower. Is it because I'm not feeding it enough and if so what is the best feed for it and how often should I be feeding it.



I'm guessing that although the plant is managing to re-grow after the growth is being cut back, this is only strong new shoots trying to make up for the lost previous seasons wood. It needs a certain amount of old wood that side shoots can grow from with the flowers. This is probably part of the problem. The second part is not in enough sun.

I think ultimately to have any reasonable success, you are going to have to bring the plant indoors to overwinter and put back out when the weather is more clement. The odd high potash feed plus a slow release general applied to the top of the compost twice a year will also help. Vitax Q4 for that, and just a liquid tomato food for the other.

Hope this helps.

1 Jul, 2009

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