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Budding Jasmin


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

Hi i have a jasmin in large pot starting to bud,first time in 2 yrs,how soon after flowering over can i take cuttingsand best way to deal with them.(Hopeing i can take them)



Simply cut a tender shoot that is at least six inches long. Remove the lower sets of leaves. Dip the cutting in a rooting compound. Stick the cuttings one inch around the edge of a pot into a good potting mix. Be sure to thoroughly wet the soil prior to planting.

Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag avoiding it touching the cutting. Place the pot in indirect sunlight. After 3-4 weeks, remove the plastic covering and be sure to keep the soil moist. The plant should then be treated likeany other seedling.

If it is the shrubby jasmin then you can simply scrape carefully some of the bark of a shoot thats close to the ground next too some leaves and pin it down into the soil and leave it to root. They also root with out the bark being scraped

2 Jul, 2009


thanks Nicky for that advice delighted that i can take cuttings :~)

2 Jul, 2009

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