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Cucumbers pinching out

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Reading Carol Kleins Book on Growing veg she states:- cucumbers should pinch out the growing tip once the plant reaches the top of supportand pinch out lateral shoots when there are two leaves??? what does this mean this is my first time of growing Help??



When the plant grows to the top of its support, it should be 'cut off'. The main stem stopped from growing further.
Any shoots that are growing at right angles to/from the main stem (side shoots) should be stopped after two leaves have formed. Pinched out means basically 'to be stopped growing'. It encouragess bushiness. Your cucumber will bush out i.e. produce more side shoots when the central stem has been pinched out. And you will get more growth and therefore more fruit forming. Difficult to explain in writing! Hope this makes sense

2 Jul, 2009


Nickyt's advice is exactly right. All I was going to say is not to worry too much, as in my experience of growing cucumbers (and probably of most other people too), the main problem is what to do with all the cucumbers you get once they get going! I'd recommend soup as a good option once you've got a glut!

2 Jul, 2009


I do just let mine do what they want as havent been able to do much with them as been away and neighbour watered them! they still fruit if left

5 Jul, 2009

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