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How do I get rid of blackfly on my Rose?

My rose has developed blackfly!
How can i treat this?

On plant Rosa



Hi there, I tend to use a hand-held water sprayer filled with water & Fairy Liquid which seems to do the trick! I'm not sure that all washing up liquids work as I've been told that some aren't as effective as Fairy. In which case, Fairy may be kind to your hands but not so kind to black fly!! Give them a blast & they should be gone pretty quickly. If there's still some after a couple of days, give them another spray. Hope this helps, Annette

20 Jul, 2007


I agree with Netty, I used the fairy method on blackfly earlier this year and it sorted it out immediately.. very satisfying! I went around afterwards and removed the dead bugs from the leaves, stems and buds by hand.

23 Jul, 2007


agree with others, but have an alternative method, plant garlic or chives with your rose, rose absorbs ,black and greenfly dont like the taste and leave alone. Have tried it seems to work.

25 Jul, 2007


I just use a black/green fly killer spray from Wilkinsons and that did the trick! :-)

29 Jul, 2007


I just bought a garlic spray for mine, so will try it out & let you know.

29 Jul, 2009


We have a large yard surrounded by wild rose bushes, the bushes are rapidly encroaching inwards and taking over; how can we get rid of them, or slow the growth before we are swamped !

6 Aug, 2009

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