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Mystery Plant


By Sid

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone ID this for me please? It is a climber that climbs by winding its way up things and gets quite big with big leaves. As you can see, the new shoots have dense crimson hairs which are quite attractive, Any ideas?!




Looks like my Kiwi vine that grows up one of the arches in my garden. Proper name Actinidia chinensis.

8 May, 2008


Oh, how exciting! I've had this in the driveway since we've lived here (about 35 years!!) and I never had a clue what it was! I've just googled it and, yup, certainly does look kiwi-ish. However, i note that you need both male and female to get fruit, which would explain why no kiwis.....

8 May, 2008


It is Kiwi vine, does it not bear fruit for you as you have had it so long?

9 May, 2008


Sadly, it's in completely the wrong place and interfears with the drive gate and therefore gets hacked back very regularly.

Does anyone know how I might be able to propagate it?

9 May, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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