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i v built a pond its 8 feet long 7 feet wide deepest part is 28 inches shallow part is 14 inches with a shelf on 2 sides 8 inches deep for plants and escape routes for animals to get out . want a wild side and formal side ( paved on other 2 sides ) wot fish to put in ? . i have small goldfish in now want other types in . suggestions wellcome . thinking of getting some sterlats and orfe and tench



Shubunkins are lovely - they are a little shorter and fatter than goldfish but have "piebald" markings, along with floaty tails. Golden Orfe tend to swim in a small shoal and look magnificent sweeping around a pond together. Sarasa Comets are similar to goldfish but are "splodged" white and gold - I once had a white one with a gold splodge on his head like a little cap. Beware - once you start choosing fish (and giving them names!) you'll never get out of the garden!

4 Jul, 2009


shabunkins,commets etc have for want of better words beab bread for there colour more than goldfish have so though they will be ok are not as about getting a net out and going and catching some stickleback.the males are stunning in there breeding dont say if your going to have a bit of water movement which id advise if your going to have the more inbread shabunkins,commets.the little fat goldfish that i personaly hate with like double tails will have trouble even living outside.its winter and very hot days that are going to weed them out.goldfish origionate from crusion carp.mirror carp and leather carp were bread for food bye monks so there were less scaLES TO SCRAPE OF TO EAT THEM THEY IN TURN COME FROM THE COMMEN CARP.BOTHE TO BIG FOr your pond.oops i pressed caps lock sorry.goldfish can reach 4.5 pounds or two kilos though they stunt well .rud do well as they stunt quite readily.there are yellow minnows you can buy but you dont see them very often.i would personaly stick with goldfish as the nature your going to atraked is going to be incredible and any that dont change from the goldfish basic shape like shabunkins,commets etc like nariz sais.

4 Jul, 2009


when looking in sales area remember they often have fish in a pale background and when you see dark fish they look good but they become 'lost' in a typical black liner pond. in a small pond i'd avoid Koi as they will grow too large, similarly with some of the ghost carp. orfe can grow more than a foot long in a pond this size and the biggest draw back is the amount of waste they produce.
i have a few photos of the goldfish types in my pond the biggest is about a foot long.

4 Jul, 2009


all goldfish what ever there shape,colour or finidge come from the crusion carp which can get up to 5 pounds in wieght..all koi,leather carp.mirrors come from the comen carp and in france get over a 100 pounds in weight.goldfish handle being stunted like rud and perch because they are pond,small lake fish so can handle very extreme changes in tempereture and oxygen levels as long as you have plenty of plants or water movement.the exseption to this is the grass or asian carp that also gets huge.

4 Jul, 2009

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