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I have 2 Salix Hakuro nishiki which are going brown on some branches, they were left out in the direct sunlight in the recent heatwave, I believe this may have cause the die back. Is there anything I can do to nurse them back to health? Help please


By Spherr

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

The plants are watered regularly and I feel I should prune them back but don't want to unless it's the right thing to do.



Does 'they were left' imply that they were in pots? Salix are willows which like water and usually shady spots. Even regular watering was probably not enough if they were in pots as in the recent heat pots dry out in a couple of hours. I would stand them in shallow water or in trays with water and pebbles in the shade and see if some new growth starts below the dead branches. Don't give up as it's amazing how many things come back from 'near death experiences'!

4 Jul, 2009


my friend grows bonzi trees and in this weather he does as bertie fox sais and stands them in water.he has so many he actualy lays pieces of 2" x 2" wood the area he wants and puts some polythene down with know holes and fills them.this works when he goes on holiday to.its a good tip though if you have a lot of pots and have to go away hence mentioning it.take care bye for now

4 Jul, 2009


I have 8 Salix Hakuro Nishiki, they are planted in different parts of the garden, some in very dry places, I do not water them. They usually get scorched if they are in full sun. There are no permanent damage done, just the leaves fall out. The tree will not die. If you have time have a look at mine. Thanks.

4 Jul, 2009

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