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Removal of trees and redesign help

South Lanark, United Kingdom Gb

I have attached some photographs of a large "tree hedge" probably about 6 - 8 trees long. The trees are now almost 2m wide and encroaching on a side border, impoverishing the soil and encouraging moss to grow on the lawn.
I have already had the height cut 2 years ago by about 2feet and although this has let more light in it had encouraged it to grow forward as well.

I am considering having it removed by a local tree specialist, however I would prefer to take some advice on this before taking such a drastic measure.

Can you identify the trees from the photos? Are they specialist trees that require permission to be removed and is it possible to tell how old they are from these photos?

Will I require to have neighbour's permission to remove the trees as this will leave their lounge overlooked untill I have replaced them with a more environmentally friendly screening?

Should the stumps be removed as well as the trees or is it possible to use the stumps as a basis for redesigning this area of garden?

What special measures will I require to take to refresh the area - ie will it need new topsoil or other special feeding to encourage new trees and plants to grow?

I have various shrubs and trees in pots and tubs or recently planted in another border which could easily be moved - eg. Amelanchior, Buddleia (Black Knight), Acers, Cotinus Coggria, Zephryn Druin - climbing roses, Madame Hardiy - shrub rose, Photinia (Red Robin) and 2 newly planted Holly...
There are Skimmia, a small Rhododendron and some tree paeonies already in this border but they cannot be seen because of the tree growth.

I would appreciate any advice you can give me on what I should do next.

I've added some more photos to the ideas section for anyone to see more of what I'm asking....




If the trees are in your garden, then you do not need permission from your neighbour, tho in the interests of good relations, it might be politic to tell them what you intend to do.
I can't work out where the rest of the photos you mention are - where's the ideas section? but they look like fairly bog standard conifers from the picture here. You could contact your local authority to ask whether you need any kind of permission from the planners to remove the trees; if you do, they'll probably tell you exactly what they want you to put there instead, so I'll leave that decision to you.
I'd recommend, if you're going to have them removed, that you ask the company to remove the stumps and roots too. Leaving dead stumps can cause honey fungus to grow, and I wouldn't risk it, plus it limits where you can plant new shrubs. Presumably it was originally planted for privacy for both your garden and your neighbours'. I strongly suggest you consider what you can erect (fence?) to provide the privacy everyone is used to, and that you discuss this with the neighbour.
In terms of replenishing the soil, dig it over once everything's gone, having scraped off all the bits inevitably left behind by the tree people, and incorporate well rotted manure, organic compost,compost from the council recycling if they sell it, spent mushroom compost, anything you can get hold of like that, and add chicken manure pellets.

5 Jul, 2009

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