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argh! caterpilliars driving me potty!

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Hi there, caterpillars are eating all of the plants in my garden. they aren't huge ones, just tiny little ones, but they have eaten my radishes, my raspberries, and my broccolli and are starting on my lettuces! I keep going out to pick them off, but they reappear again within a few hours. How can i get rid of them. They are tiny green ones. Thanks!



The only way to get rid of them is by hand picking as systemic insecticides (as in it works its way around the plants and therefore the caterpillar east the insecticide full foliage, in a way) aren't available for use against caterpillars.
You can get contact where you have to spray the caterpillars dirrect, but if you have to lift leaves to reach the caterpillars, then you may as well contiue picking them of and disposing of as you do!

5 Jul, 2009

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