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Cos Lettuce

Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

Can you leave the cos to care for itself,or should they be tied with something around the top to help the centre fill out ?.Other types always turn out fine for me,but I am not as successful with the cos.



I usually just let mine be. They dont grow tightly leaved any way. Just time and regular waterings or else they will bolt

5 Jul, 2009


Thank you Nicky. I wondered because an ex market trader who used to sell veg,told me that imported cos lettuce,used to arrive with raffia wrapped around each lettuce.he could not remember which country they came from,but it was during the 1950's so I expect that labour was a lot cheaper during those years,and more effort made .in order to export.

Do yours have a decent heart when left to grow naturally ?

5 Jul, 2009


Relatively good sized heads, but they usually get eaten by wildlife before they gat big, or they bolt because i missed a watering in a dry spell and then go to seed and taste sour!

5 Jul, 2009


Having another go at growing good cos this year. When you see the price of the ones in the shops,it spurs me on to keep trying.

Thank you Nicky for your replies.

29 Apr, 2010

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