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what is this flower from

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Hi there,

A plant has arrived in my garden, which i am thank full for as it is nice, but i do not know what it is or how big it will grow, if anyone can shed some light i would be gratefull the picture is just of the flower.




RRRRRrrrrrrr Its a "Pheasants Eye" Flower Twinkletoes ( Leycesteria Formosa):)

5 Jul, 2009


Also known as 'Himalayan honeysuckle' or 'Pheasant berry' it can reach a height of ten feet and a spread of four feet if left unchecked. Birds love the small black berries that appear in early autumn.

5 Jul, 2009


Hi there,

Thankyou jacque and Bigbumblebee for you fast response :)

5 Jul, 2009


Leycesteria formosa, Pheasant berry

5 Jul, 2009


I cut back all the flowered shoots to new young growth and also cut out some of the older stems just above ground level to keep it in size for its position. It will seed quite freely you will find young ones popping up in unexpected places.

6 Jul, 2009

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