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when growing aubergines do you take out shoots as you do with tomatoe plants

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they are in pots and I am putting them in a conseratory when the first fruit appears.



It could be a mistake to take out the side shoots. I have ten plants in my greenhouse which I nipped out the top when about twelve inches high.
The side shoots are producing mauve flowers now which I am hand pollinating

I am fairly confident that if you take out the side shoots you will be depriving yourself of the fruits.
This is my first time of growing them so it is possible I have made mistakes ,in which case I think someone with more experience can help us..

6 Jul, 2009


Justvera has done the right thing, as you really want a bushy plant and the aubergines form on the side shoots. I must admit I don't pinch out the main shoot and get large bushy plants anyway, but they are growing in a polytunnel where they get a long season. The only other advice is that if you want a few large aubergines, you should only let a couple form on each plant. They are best picked when the skin is still glossy and shiny as once the skin goes dull, they lose their best flavour.
We've already harvested quite a few, and pollination should not be necessary if there are plenty of insects around.
We tend to leave some plants to make lots of small aubergines, ideal for slicing into ratatouille etc, and one or two to make big aubergines for stuffing etc.
Good luck with your crop. The hot weather should help. This is one of our favourite vegetables (or fruit to be technical!)

6 Jul, 2009


I've not taken out any sideshoots and have a big crop, but only after hand-pollinating the flowers.
Has anyone tried to freeze aubergines for use over the winter?

7 Oct, 2009


This is a bit belated but, yes, we have frozen them successfully when given more than we could eat. Sprinkle with salt and drain in usual way, having cut into approx 2cm.cubes, Lightly fry in olive oil and al they need is thawing and a quick fry.

Have only just read this post but didn't come across any replies so thought I'd jump in.

18 Jul, 2011

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