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What went wrong with my peonies?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I have a white one, planted 2 years ago & three new ones bought as plants in leaf in early May. The white one had only one feeble flower, with several other withered buds, & one of the new ones, Bowl of Beauty, also had one very poor flower. Solange is dying back, with only one surviving stem. I can't see the other one (& can't remember what variety is is!) as it's in among lots of other plants.
My neighbour had the same problem. We have sandy soil - is that the problem? However, my white plant did quite well until this year.



perhaps you need to add some humus to improve the soil. when you planted them did you plant them too deep. they are not keen on too deeply planting.

6 Jul, 2009


Had the same problem with my white one. The reds and pinks flowered well.
Feeble small bud (only one!) and that came to nothing.
I am in Scottish Borders.

14 Jul, 2009

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