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Glory Pea (Cliantus formosus)


By Meanie

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a glory pea which looks a little unwell.
It's about 6" high in a 6" pot.
The leaves have gone very pale & some are blotchy,or dropping off.No sign of aphids.
I've had it in full sun & water it when the compost seems dry.
What am I doing wrong???



This is a fast growing plant when young - turn it out of the pot and see what the roots are doing - you don't say how long its been in this 6 inch pot, but it may well need a bigger container.
Depending on how long you have had it, are you feeding it and what with?

PS Just noticed you're calling it C. formosus - I have no info on that particular variety - the only one that grows well in UK is C. puniceus

6 Jul, 2009


Only about 3 months old (grew it from seed).
I seem to find differing results about this plant online.
Haven't fed it with anything yet-I'm open to suggestions.

6 Jul, 2009


just googled it myself - came up with a page recommended native plants for Alice Springs, Australia! Says it's a groundcover version, doesn't get tall, easy to raise from seed, likes sun and free draining soil, tolerates a bit of frost. Other than that, I have no clue. There is a member of this site called Bernieh who is in Queensland Australia, I believe - she might know more, or she might not. You could send her a personal message maybe?

6 Jul, 2009


Thanks for that-I grew one 3 or 4 years ago, saved some seeds & found them again when I moved house last year.
It was easy to grow first time around & has quite fun flowers (we called them alien faces).Whilst it's a small plant, it was always a topic of conversation amongst visitors.

6 Jul, 2009

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