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I have foolishly sprayed my runner beans with Rose Clear


By Hugh

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Rose Clear contains BIFENTHRIN & MYCLOBUTANIL. I have only sprayed once. Must I now destroy the plants or can I still eat the beans?



There should be guidance on the bottle about whether, and when, it can be used on food plants. Trouble is, Roseclear's systemic, so it will have penetrated the sap stream and be in all the tissues of the plant. Check the bottle.

6 Jul, 2009


I wouldn't risk it....

6 Jul, 2009


i would get the hose out and give it a good blast it may help.when the suns gone down ofcourse

6 Jul, 2009


As we dont eat roses, i wouldnt of thought that eating the beans would be a good idea as bamboo says its systemic and therefore it 'spread internally' throughout the plant.
Could grow some more form seed or plugs from nurseries/garden centres, may be a bit behind by a few weeks but will still have beans

6 Jul, 2009


I wouldn't risk eating them either. I agree, start again.

7 Jul, 2009


Non organic apples are sprayed about twenty times during their formation. My wife picks them in the autumn and comes home with her hands covered in sticky sprays. These are sent mainly to Tescos (Golden Delicious).
So, unless you buy all organic vegetables, the amount of pesticide you will absorb from your beans is probably miniscule in comparison with what you might buy in supermarkets or in 'ready meals'.
Some people claim tiny amounts of toxic chemicals are carcinogenic, but I think if most of what you eat is healthy homegrown vegetables you probably have little to worry about. Personally, although I'm fanatical about garden and agricultural chemicals, I would eat your beans if they are at such an early stage of growth.

7 Jul, 2009


i would to.i used to reare chickens.believe it or not your averadge tesco chicken og 3 and a half pounds is 6-7 weeks old.when i did it there were 30,000 per shed for like i said 6-7 you can imagine near the end the sheds get very crowded .they are realy succeptible to anything like colds and the summer its worse.there supposed to be clear of drugs for 10 days at chance they pour anti biotics in especialy in the last week as they have the most to lose.this was years ago ,about 30 actual but from seeing the sheds and chicken prices i cant see much has changed so your on drugs to from the chickens.on top of that the fat we carry and pigs,cows etc to,is for storing energy for the lean times not just for keeping doing so fat holds onto what youve eaten in the last year.though it does slowly get changed.if you eat chocolate its not a matter of if you eat insects just a matter of how much.theres an amount of weavels aloud per kilo in coca beans lol.look on the bright side ive helped you diet lol.

8 Jul, 2009


Uhg!!...feel quite sick

9 Jul, 2009


in this case you just got to wear blinkers and use commen sense i guess lol

9 Jul, 2009

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