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How do I get rid of a veg eating rat?


By Toria

Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

I'm growing a variety of veg with my 3 year old. Spotted a single rat. Keep sniffing around my corn and brocolli. Don't wish to be cruel but I don't need a rat in my garden! I'm pregnant and I have a 3 year old so rat droppings et al is not good.



You definately don't want rats, espec with another on the way.....get in touch with your local authority. They should be able to help.

7 Jul, 2009


Rats like compost heaps and any other foodstuffs which are thrown away and left around. They don't tend to eat growing vegetables and plants. Where are you putting your garden and kitchen waste?
We had a rat population explosion when we stored a lot of maize for winter!
They may also use a compost bin to nest in.
If you don't want to poison them there are some ultrasonic devices which are supposed to frighten them away, though I've no personal experience of how effective these are. With eight cats around here, the rats are pretty well controlled!

7 Jul, 2009


I have a neghbour that shoots (licensed and legit) to thats how he deals with them! Harsh but they are vermin and its quick.

7 Jul, 2009

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