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Once again hanging baskets

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what I am looking for is a list of plants that I can use in a full sun hanging basket. I guess the easiest way to explain what I would like if possible is this:

A list consisting of plants that you would put in the middle of the basket.
A list of plants that could go around the edge of the basket.
A list of plants that you could put into the side of the basket because the basket I am going to use is a wire basket with sphagnum moss.

If anyone knows where I could find a list of this nature it would be greatly appreciated.




I have a lovely book from the RHS - Hanging Baskets RHS Pratical. Its a box set of about five books.

You can go to site to look at what they have.

I make 6 hanging baskets every year which do go in full sun. I purchase a hanging basket set of plants 18 plants in a pack) from B & Q which have the following:

Side - begonia's, busy lizzies, lobilia, pertunia's - these are all trailing.
Top - centre with a geranium, pelrgonium, busy lizzies.
Chives also do well in hangin baskets

You could do a busy lizzie ball -


Large flower pot to support baskt
Craft knive


Recycle paper liner x 2
30cm (12in) wire hanging basket x 2
Potting compost
Plastic flower 9cm (3.5 inch) plastic flower pot (to act as a reservior)
Plastic coated wire

Punch out planting holes
fill with compost and add plants
do the same for the second basket, but cut a hole in the bottom to place the plastic flower pot
put the two sections together and wire
put on chaing and water well

watch the busy lizzies form a nice ball.

11 May, 2008

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