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Conifer trees


By Mobee

Armagh Ireland, Ireland Ie

hi all i have 2 conifers (Castlewellan gold ),they are bout 7ft i dont want them any bigger do i cut leader of top and if so will they bush out more many thanks!!!



Might have been better to choose another plant if you don't want it higher than seven feet. But yes, you'll have to cut them, probably every year, and they will bush out a bit more so you may need to trim the sides as well.

8 Jul, 2009


thanks Bamboo reason for cutting leaving kitchen quite dark but dont want to loose them will do that!!!!!!

8 Jul, 2009


These is part of the leylandii family and will continue to grow like a weed year on year, removing a lot of nutriment from the soil and taking up more and more space. Unless you are totally attached to them I personally would dig out and replace with something that does not leave the area around it an arid desert.

8 Jul, 2009


thanks for that advice Moon torn now about wat to do will give it some thought over weekend!!!!

8 Jul, 2009


You could trim them as if they were a hedge, but don't cut into brown wood.

9 Jul, 2009

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