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Can anyone tell me if they have an M27 Discovery Apple tree? I was thinking about purchasing one, as I would have to put it on my allotment, they say maximum height for them to grow to is 1.8 which means I would have to go for something like that as its smaller. Just wondering if anyone had one and had found it to be good? A few reviews I've read have said it's not very good.



Not certain about the height, ours is taller than that. The apples are very nice, but only for a few weeks at most. They will not store and once removed from the tree they lose their texture very quickly. They do purée nicely and make a very nice Juice. I have to admit it is my favourite early apple. Usually get a decent crop too and rarely any scab either.

24 Sep, 2012


that's reasuring to hear. Heard so many bad reviews but when I've had the apples off of the bigger discovery trees they've been so delicious I didn't feel like I wanted to compromise and go for another variety. I've got 3 children who are mad on apples so I'm sure I won't have to worry about storing them, they'll be pinching them off the tree as soon as they can lol. I also do alot of purees for the freezer so that's handy to know thank you

24 Sep, 2012


It is only the texture which goes, not the taste. I like a crunchy apple, but if you are more into cotton wool then they would still be ok.
Our children used to love them, We bought loads when we were down in Somerset from a place just outside Williton. They were supposed to be for taking home, but they never got there. Happy days.

24 Sep, 2012

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