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my blue berry bush is sick-

North Carolina, United States Us

I bought my husband two blue berry bushes for fathers day. the taller one was to have an early to mid yeald, and the smaller one was mid to late. they are too young to produce fruit yet. they were pritty badly root bound (the larger more-so than the small) and had missed a fyew days of wattering when I got them. I emediatly brought them home and re-planted them in a mixture of vergin soil, potting soil, and plant food. also I have had them in mostly all day sun, and keped them well wattered... The small plant is thriving, but the larger plant is turning brown on most of its stems, and even the leafs are turning brown and rubbery. Is there anything I can do to save my bush?



The most important thing to remember about blueberries is that they need acid soil, that is, soil with a pH of 6 or under. I suspect that the soil you have used is too alkaline. Go and buy some Ericaceous Compost and repot your bushes in that, after you have washed all the old compost off the roots.
Also, do not feed them until they have recovered. Food will make them even sicker. There will be enough food in the new compost to see them through until they have improved.

9 Jul, 2009

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