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What evergreen plants are suitable for living permanently in hanging baskets?

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I have a Vinca 'Illumination' in a 14" diameter rattan
basket, which has been in it happily for perhaps a couple of years now. And believe me, it is a beautiful plant, and such an ideal specimen for a hanging basket. Its cascading bright yellow-green variegated foliage is excellent the whole year round, and almost as much in the winter. (A colony of violas lives in it perpetually also, unaided). I'm just wondering whether anyone would know of any other evergreen plants which can be used in a similar way in
baskets for year round effect? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




This summer I have put a few heucheras in my baskets....if they seem happy by the end of the year I will leave them in when I re-fill with pansies.
Last winter I had an oniphigon (black grass) in a basket and it seemed quite happy.

9 Jul, 2009


creeping jenny would be good and it hangs down a long way with nice yellow flowers this time of year

10 Jul, 2009


Heucheras in the centre of a container or basket underplanted with pansies look lovely Try Obsidion an almost black heuchera

10 Jul, 2009


Many thanks for your suggestions everyone. I might go for the heuchera idea, esp the smallest type, and the ones which look good in winter as well as summer. I'm still a bit stuck though for what is evergreen and can do hanging down. I once tried creeping jenny in a basket but it lost its looks out of season.

10 Jul, 2009


Looks like you're stuck with small leaved ivy then - haul it out every year, tear it in half and shove half back in to restrict its size

11 Jul, 2009


Ah. Thank you Bamboo. I reckon some small leaved ivy and a heuchera could work very well for a basket. I may well try that, as soon as I've got some money. Oh, the cost of gardening!

11 Jul, 2009


its a hard one to achieve without a little bit of die back in winter

11 Jul, 2009

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