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can anyone tell me how to rippen tomatos that have been taken off the vine that are still green ,thank you.



Yes, as the fruits ripen, remove the lower leaves to let in air and light. Dont remove to many or the ones (as they make food for the plant) or the ones above the fruit trusses thou as these feed the fruits below them

9 Jul, 2009


Some people do, and others don't. Of course, it is important to remove any old brown or dying leaves, but removing healthy green ones in my view is not necessarily a good idea. Even the lower ones are feeding the plant if they are healthy. The fruit don't need light to ripen, just warmth, and if exposed to sunlight in a greenhouse some varieties will get 'green back' where there is a ring of green skin around the part of the tomato where it is attached.
The only time you may need to do this is towards the end of the season when the plants could be vulnerable to mould or rot as the nights get cold and the plant is beginning to die anyway.

10 Jul, 2009


i bought a plant called a SAGO PALM (CYCAS CEVOLUTA) i think that's how you spell it.but i have no idea how you look after would be appreciated.

10 Jul, 2009

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