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Roses. Interested to hear which of your Roses has withstood the bad weather the best this year. Just read Stroller's blog and thought it would be an interesting topic for comments. For what it's worth, I think my climbing R. 'Dortmund' and R.'Warm Welcome' have been the best for me. Though I can't say they have managed to put on any wonderful displays. They are both 'single' type flowers. Wondered if this was relevant?



My floribundas have not been that great this year. But the climber Rosa Excelsa (Red Dorothy Perkins) has flowered all summer. A patio rose has rotted away - too wet all summer.

24 Sep, 2012


I was looking forward to seeing my newly planted rose garden in full bloom this year, it did not happen, the roses struggled throughout the summer, so much so, that I have hardly put any pictures up this summer compare to last summer. :((((

24 Sep, 2012


Mine had just started to do well, then the rain came back with a vengeance, the climbers were the ones to recover first...

24 Sep, 2012


My best performer, and its still covered in flowers, has to be 'Rosy Cushion' yes another single flowered variety, I have four planted together and every year whatever the weather they never disappoint, love it.

24 Sep, 2012


My climbing rose is doing very well. I don't know it's Latin name but it has little sweet smelling flowers and helps stop people climbing the fence lol x x.

25 Sep, 2012


my 'Lady Margaret' did really well as did my bargain from aldi but then the ants came and that was the end of them :(

25 Sep, 2012


Rosy cushion is lovely and looks similar to my 'Scented Carpet' which has done quite well compared to the others.
Catty, I can't find your you have any photos of it?

25 Sep, 2012


The air at my altitude is pretty clear, so my floribundas and hybrid teas never fair too well. But My 3 best that are still have the wow factor are my warm welcome climber, best year to date, funny isn't it. Queen Elizabeth and my william lobb moss has just gone over.

25 Sep, 2012


Ah now, my Queen Elizabeth (newly added) has some good buds on it. Thanks 2ndhand. Also, the climber 'Reine des Violettes' has been better than ever this year. There seems to be a pattern emerging that climbers are doing ok.

25 Sep, 2012


My climbing 'Warm Welcome' has been totally unaffected by the weather. That flowered all through summer and has reached right up to the top of the shed it grows against.
Another climber 'The Wedgewood Rose' newly planted this year - has flowered for a long time but most of those blooms have been ruined by the weather.

25 Sep, 2012


@karensusan6, i did have some pictures but after a computer reshuffle i've sadly lost them. after trying to find you a picture on the web, it seems the place where i got it has mis-labelled it! its a Margaret merril rose.

25 Sep, 2012


The only rose that's performed well here on the Solway Coast this year is dear old Maigold - a reliably early-flowering rambler which flowers profusely against an east-facing house wall. It had put on so much growth this year that at the end of August I cut it back severely - it's now putting out more branches and is covered in buds! Otherwise, the old-fashioned roses which we favour have been rubbish - ruined by rain and black spot. So disappointing.

25 Sep, 2012


My Queen Elizabeths (the really tall ones) did very well this year, and the climbing Cecile Brunner was as prolific as ever - nothing ever seems to faze it. The large John Waterer was also good this year. The blooms on Golden Showers didn't manage to hang on long during the rain.

25 Sep, 2012


No, my golden showers hasn't been very weatherproof either Melchi. Thanks Catty, now I can look it up again! I've heard of that one.

25 Sep, 2012


it has the most wonderful scent! all of the roses at my local park have done really well except the odd one here and there (they have a huge rose garden)

26 Sep, 2012


My climbing rose "Star Performer" has been just that. Hundreds of flowers this year.

27 Sep, 2012


Celia..sorry, I missed your comment. That sounds wonderful, but sadly I don't have the space for Ramblers....sigh!

Star performer indeed then Fuchsia Fan! :) Off to look that one up now, thank you!...oh yes, that is a lovely Rose...will need to remember that one!

27 Sep, 2012


what about Davia Austin's rosese? I have golden celebration. very beautiful gold yellow! And jubilee celebration is smelling alot! The new one for this year is the alnwick rose but still young and it has no flowers yet, the another new one is morning brest, very nice color, do you know them?

4 Jun, 2013


yes Lia! I have many too! They all got Blackspot very badly last year and it was quite heartbreaking as the rain was so bad I had hardly any flowers at all. I cut them all hard back and sprayed for the Blackspot, and am pleased to say that they are all starting to bud at last! Everything here is still about three weeks or so behind, but if the rainfall is more reasonable, I should soon be enjoying my David Austin roses...I love them! :)

5 Jun, 2013


thank you for tips! tell me how short do you cut them and when?

6 Jun, 2013


Well Lia, they should really only need a tidy up annually as they are shrub roses. I only pruned mine hard because I was worried about the Blackspot, and they were in a bad state having lost all their leaves. They've grown back well, but it's a shame they've lost so much of their size. I don't fret too much about pruning my roses....I think it's really hard to kill a rose shrub! Worst thing that can happen...die back on some stems and perhaps less flowers. I also think a lot depends on where you are. Here we have a much shorter growing season than further south, and so I tend to follow my instincts with pruning. Sorry, that's probably not much help, but if you want the official advice it's possible to get that from the DA website I think. :))

6 Jun, 2013


Thank you Karen, I do the same maybe I cut too much little, anyway seems to do well. This year in Italy it's very strange to have so much rain in may, and my golden celebration, wich is in a big tin can , about 200 lt, had a fabouluos flowering under the rain, and now it's only green! Mant of my roses now are getting blackspot, I only cutted of the spotted leaves hope it will be enough, I don't like chimicals... but when it's necessary sometimes I use funghicida. Last year my rosese had ioidio, and this year they have blackspot! What an anger!
Do you know 'Rose Barni' from Pistoia? I have two San souci wich is wonderful, and Rita Levi Montalcini who flowers well all summer long!

12 Jun, 2013


Ciao Lia! No..I don't know any of the roses you mentioned there! Put some pictures on for us please! :))

13 Jun, 2013

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