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opinions wanted - greenhouses.

is it worth paying a lot more for say a rhino than a basic model? the difference in costs terms is pretty significant. I only want a small one. correction! I can only have a small one as my garden is small. 6x6 max size. it's my first greenhouse but it will get a fair bit if use, to overwinter and to sow seeds and cuttings



I was quite happy with a cheap 6x8 at my old house. (Except it wasn't long before I wished it was bigger!) What I missed was somewhere to suspend hanging baskets before they were ready to put out. If that doesn't matter I would go for the cheaper end as it's such a small one, but make sure you fit it with an automatic opener in the roof - worth its weight in little apples as my Dad used to say.

24 Sep, 2012


Well I am biased towards 'Alton' of which I have had three ( one I accidentally burned down)

I have an electrically heated timber 10 x 8 one at home which is a winter workhorse but I don't grow much in it during the summer,

I do my main growing in a 12 x 8 alloy one on the allotment!

I also have a cheapo 'chainstore' model and I find it good for what I use it for, namely growing stuff that require some protection during the summer months.

So basically you gets what you pay for

24 Sep, 2012


I have a cheap 6x6 B&Q model. I use it for tomatoes in the summer, and overwintering various plants. I suppose I could do with a slightly larger one, but as it often serves as an overflow to my shed, it's probably just as well that it isn't any bigger!

24 Sep, 2012


I suppose it comes down to money; practicality; and how serious you want to be about seedlings and plants? I have three little plastic 'greenhouses' which do a grand job of germinating seeds and keeping them away from the slimies, and also keeping young or tender plants safe for Winter. I'd LOVE to have a 'proper' gh, but practicality stops me as we're surrounded by wonky roof-tiles on old barns and sometimes suffer high winds that toss broken tree branches around. I'd say get the best you can now - you'll soon be wishing for more space!

25 Sep, 2012


it is a matter of cost really. A mid range one alloy frame/glass cleans up really well where as the polycarbonate does goe cloudy after a few years of sunshine. I think mine is a Hamilton. But make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

25 Sep, 2012


We have two from the B&Q 'cheapest' range, aluminium and glass. We have had them for years and they are doing excellent service. Extra ventillation has been added and they are standing up to anything that the weather can throw at them (currently winds of over 50mph). If I ever bought a third house it would, again, be one of the cheap aluminium ones rather than something expensive.

25 Sep, 2012


thank you for your replies :-)

I am definitely not going to be able to stretch to a lovely wooden greenhouse unfortunately !

but the prices of the alu ones for my size range from about 200 to around 1,000! so quite a range.

think I would like the green ones as well so that puts the price up a bit more.

I would rather get a much bigger one but just don't have the space.

also I would imagine the cost of heating in the winter is lower! can't wait to get one! I'm very excited :-)

25 Sep, 2012


Shame if the cost stops you from buying a wooden one - I've had mine for 5 years having had an alu one for 20 years before, and the wooden one keeps MUCH warmer (no artificial heat). Steragram's advice about automatic ventilation is spot on!

25 Sep, 2012


I'd buy a cheap one as there really isn't a huge difference in the basic ability of a small greenhouse to retain heat and aluminium ones are fairly sturdy and maintenance free. And with the money saved, you should buy a top of the range electric propagator or a large heated mat area on staging which can be covered with plastic and thermostatically controlled. That is where the real value of your greenhouse will come from in propagating and bringing on seeds and cuttings. Companies like Two Wests and Elliott have a lot of excellent propagation systems to choose from.

26 Sep, 2012


I started with a second hand one, dismantled and re reconstructed in my garden, 8x6, with a little help ,I must add.
You get the bug and I got a B&Q " cheapo" £200 ish, the hard work is getting it fixed in the ground. I have bought loads of accessories, ie. heating mats, shelving, propagators etc. You will be surprised what you can achieve. Have a look at my pictures ,and if you need any help PM me. All the best and enjoy.

26 Sep, 2012


This link might be of use to you;

26 Sep, 2012

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