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Shady plants.


By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have Weeping Willow in my garden.It always looks rather tatty underneath it as the only plants I could possibly put underneath would be plants that love shade. Can any-one suggest some low growing plants for that area, also it gets rather dry under the willow tree.



The dryness will be the problem - most shade loving plants like dampish soil, unfortunately, plus the willow roots will be extensive in that area. There's always Ivy, but I wouldn't recommend it! How about cutting a circle (if its in the lawn) all the way round and just using fine bark chips to tidy it up?

10 Jul, 2009


I under planted my weeping willow with geraniums as they seem to grow anywhere.
I have just chopped them down now so they can have a second flush.

The willow also gets a trim to stop the branches going all the way down to the ground.

It also gets a chop at the top at the end of the year to keep it a managable size.

10 Jul, 2009


Ajuga could work well. I've tried to get rid of some this summer by really starving it of water to try to make it die, as it was where I didn't want it. But the plan failed and it is still there, thriving and well.

10 Jul, 2009


Ajuga is great I potted up loads this year to give to friends.

10 Jul, 2009


Many of the hardy geraniums would be fine there.

10 Jul, 2009


try somehing like Mitella, its under my beech tree and is a lovely vibrant green. i have the aforementioned plants as well. dont forget plants like cyclamen and colchicums for autumn flowers. the spring is a world of bulbs etc if you want to.

10 Jul, 2009


Hi Seaburngirl, Is Colchicum happy in shade, even full shade?

10 Jul, 2009


well mine are under the beech tree canopy and the leaves grow before the canopy opens so i guess yes they are happy.

10 Jul, 2009


Beech is naturally late into leaf, so presumably the leaves have a chance to make their food in time.

10 Jul, 2009


I suspect that could be the reason. they have been there 8yrs now.

12 Jul, 2009

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