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Mr Hessayon in his book Vegetable Expert suggests CARBENDAZIIM for this problem but I am unable to locate it, has anyone any other suggestions of a treatment.? The greenhouse is well ventilated.
(brown mould patches are on underside of leaves)



"Carbendazim was included in a biocide ban proposed by the Swedish Chemicals Agency [2] and approved by the European Parliament in January 13, 2009.[3]"... Wikipedia.
This is why you can no longer get it.. basically the Swedes have discovered it isn't safe. So you might not want to risk eating your tomatoes if you could get it.
You could use another fungicide such as Bordeaux mixture, which is a very good general one.
However, I'd say that the mould problems are caused by the leaves being damp and then the greenhouse being shut up, or the plants too close together. Do you water at night and then close the greenhouse? Far better to water in the morning if you have time before work.
I would remove all the mouldy leaves, as they won't be doing the plants any good, and then increase ventilation. If the plants ARE very close together, removing one or two might help if you can do so without losing too much of your crop.

11 Jul, 2009

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