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Any cure for these Blackcurrants?

Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Gb

I live in Northern England. Garden is sheltered, plenty of sunshine and RAIN.
These B/C bushes are mature and always have a very good crop. This year aphids colonised the tips of twigs and caused the leaves to curl up. Now, in July, the branches, leaves and fruit are a black sticky mess with ants crawling everywhere. I don't know if this is an aphid problem or an ant attack, or maybe mildew or mould?
This has occured before but without such a devastating effect. ANY constructive advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. Can I rescue these bushes? How can I prevent it happening again?




The trouble with aphids is that ants like their honeydew and sort of "herd" them the way we do cows to collect it. You do not say you treated the plants for the aphid infestation, so it would appear it got much worse when the ants came along, as they would have encouraged the aphids and protected them from other predators.
Looks like its too late to do much this year, but next year, treat for aphids at the first sign of infestation -watch what you use, some are not good for food plants. I can't tell, though, what all those white flecks are in the picture.
Try growing English marigolds (calendula) nearby - aphids prefer those to almost anything else.

11 Jul, 2009


As Bamboo has said it is too late this year, but you must destroy the white fly with a strong insecticide. Most of the leaves are damaged, cut back the infected part in a week or so and you should take away any parts which have absorbed toxics.

11 Jul, 2009

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