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any suggestions for nice big bushy palnts to fill large flower bed preferably pones which aren't to expensive and ones that have colourfull flowers

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

any suggestions for nice big bushy palnts to fill large flower bed preferably ones which aren't to expensive and ones that have colourfull flowers. or if anyone has any cuttings i could have i'd be grateful cheeky to ask i know i'll pay the postage.



rudbeckia is big ,bushy,tough as old boot ,doesn't need dead heading and flowers from mid July to the first hard frosts.

There are lots of other suggestions including a photo of the rudbeckia here.

25 Sep, 2012


thankyou anchorman i'll keep these in mind. im off to the garden centre next weekend so will look out for them.

25 Sep, 2012


If you have any near to you nurseries or local markets near me are better value than garden centres, the plants there are bigger but so much more expensive

25 Sep, 2012


hardy fuschias are good if you get the right, look at my photos, the one i think is mrs popple is very prolific, needs hardly looking after. i've never taken any cuttings, but i will try and if they take, will let youhave them

25 Sep, 2012


I agree with Pam..local markets are good value..I get most of mine from ours..just need to check the labels to see if they are what you have in mind..

25 Sep, 2012


I agree with Gralew about hardy fuchsias and Mrs Popple in particular. It may be a bit late for cuttings now but still worth a try. I usually take mine between late July and mid September

25 Sep, 2012


Just be aware that Garden Centres are selling autumn flowering plants - they sell better when they're in flower. At this time of year, you'll get Asters...and I recommend Aster x frikartii 'Monch' which flowers non-stop from July to November. :-)

A Nursery that 'knows' its plants would be good to visit - so you get good advice on other plants for other seasons.

26 Sep, 2012


thankyou for all your advice. id be very grateful gralew ive attempted cuttings but never seem to have any success same with seeds im just not that green fingered. im going to have a look find out where nearest nursery is and ill keep you updated.

26 Sep, 2012


As you say it is a flower bed, I would reccomend lupin trees. They can get to about 6` high by 6` round in good conditions. Same Lupin flowers + leaves but big bushy and perenial (though short-lived, replace every 3-5 years for best effect). Very easy from seed, so no problem. PM for your address + free seed going your way!

30 Sep, 2012

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