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Is it possible to save a celosia plant for next year as it has grown a lot of extra shoots.



Yes, it is possible to save Alocasia. If you want to use it as a houseplant during winter, keeping the foliage alive, then dig it up before it gets damaged by frost and pot it, bring indoors, not near a heat source.
If you just want to keep them and start them off into growth again next spring, dig them up, cut them down to just above the tuber, leave on newspaper somewhere dry and airy to let them dry out for a few days. Then put them in a box or container full of dry material (old, spent compost, or sand, or bark chips, so long as its dry) and place the box somewhere frost free, but cool.
IN early spring, take them out and pot them up, water lightly, place in a propagator or your airing cupboard until they have shoots 5-6 inches high. Remove to a normal temperature room, in good light, keep watered and fed and place outside when risk of frost is past.

25 Sep, 2012


Thanks for your reply to my question-however the plant I have is a celosia not analocasia

25 Sep, 2012


Sorry no, Celosia is an annual, just put on your compost heap when it finishes flowering, Derek.

25 Sep, 2012

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