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How do I store potatoes


By Useless

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have been away touring. Returned to find my potatoe plants dried up and looking dead. I dug up a couple of plants and lo and behold I found potatoes.They are small but I am pleased. But how do I store them?



The best way to store potatoes is to leave them in the ground (up till around September time) If, as in your case, you have already lifted them then brush off all the soil (I use a dustpan brush) and store in hession or paper sacks in a cool place like the garage. DO NOT USE plastic bags as these will cause the potatoes to sweat and rot!!

11 Jul, 2009


Thank you. I will leave the rest in the ground and use as needed

11 Jul, 2009


Just a follow up, if you get lots of rain then scrape a little soil away and just check they are not going soft.
Best of luck......Ian

11 Jul, 2009

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