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when is the best time to prune back for new growth on the buddleja ?


By Gagal

United States Us

I live in Atlanta, Ga USA and have had this plant for 18 months, last year it was huge and had many white flowers that attracted moths, bees, butterflies, etc. Then in the fall around October my husband cut it back to a nubb. It is not as big this year with less flowers.

On plant Buddleja davidii



This time leave it till next spring and then cut it back less hard. To one or two buds from the ground ; about a foot or two from ground level. Sounds like he was just a bit too severe and spring is normally recommended for pruning them.

11 Jul, 2009


Hi! another gardener from the USA. I am in Florida. Found this great site and eventually realized it is worldwide! Mainly England. It is great.

11 Jul, 2009


Thank you, Inverglen!
Paticiamb, I agree GREAT SITE.

12 Jul, 2009


In England, we usually prune back in March/April (our very early spring time) to within 2 inches of previous years growth) If the plant becomes very large by the end of a season, no harm comes to it from being trimmed back by a third to a half in October to stop it blowing about in the wind too much.
So maybe you can work out which months are appropriate where you live from the times we do it here - not sure when your spring is, really, might be earlier I guess. Sounds like your husband cut it back too far at the wrong time of year!

12 Jul, 2009

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