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Why won't my variegated impatiens flower?


By Bernieh

Queensland, Australia, Australia Au

It's a healthy plant - no pests. But while it can be covered in little buds they simply fall off and there are no flowers. I've had this plant for some time now - around 6 months. It was trimmed back and re-potted about 2 months ago and now it's back at the budding stage - the same thing is happening.

I've had impatiens for many years (never a variegated one though) and have never had any trouble like this. They are kept in the same growing conditions as all the other impatiens in my greenhouse - there was no indication that it needed any special treatment.




The plant itself certainly looks healthy....perhaps its too warm for it in the greenhouse?

12 Jul, 2009


Thanks Amblealice - the others seem to love it in the greenhouse. Where I live, the greenhouse is more like a coolhouse - normally it's too hot out in the gardens for these to survive (especially during summer here). It's also winter over here so the temps. are normally around the mid-20s which is cool for us - it's got me beat!

12 Jul, 2009

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