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Why have 2 Laurel bushes died in the same position?


By Soosy

United Kingdom Gb

I planted about 12 laurels a year ago and they are all looking lovely. However one of them died after 6 months. I tried spraying with anti fungal and anti bug spray to no avail. Eventually I removed the plant and replaced. These are established Laurels about 5 foot in heigh and spread. About 2 months ago the second laurel developed the same condition (spots of brown, holes appearing then brown around the edge of leaves). I was advised that it may be the soil in this particular spot, but cannot see anything upon digging out the plant and placing in a large container with organic compost etc. I have notices a small (large pinhead size) snail on the reverse of one of the leaves. Any ideas please?



I wouldn't think the snail is cause for concern - when the second plant died, did it look exactly the same as the first one when it started to get sick, in other words, were the symptoms the same? Because it does sort of suggest its something to do with the spot it was planted in. Have you tried excavating the ground where you grew that particular one to see what you can find - if you're keen to grow one there, I'd be inclined to do that, and possibly to remove an area of soil 2/3 feet deep by the same wide, and refilling the hole with topsoil from elsewhere, then replanting.

12 Jul, 2009


Many thanks for the reply. I can't quite remember if the symptons are exactly the same, as the first laurel was more or less dead when it was removed. However this one I have taken out into a container, hoping that I can save it from the same fate. I am thinking along the same lines in that I should replace the soil as you suggest. I will try that, as the plant is now in a large container, I will see how it fares with it's new soil and nutrients and then will look to replant it in a month or so.

12 Jul, 2009

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