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By Davefc

Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

My Hollyhocks have grown quite large with big leaves but apart from that they show no signs of flowering, just seem to be drowning everything else out with there big leaves !
Is it still to early to be expecting anything from them yet ?



It's not too early because hollyhocks are in flower now. I am not sure of the answer but the thought just crossed my mind that you may have been feeding them with a feed that has encouraged leaf growth but not flowers. Other than that I am not sure because hollyhocks are normally reliable plants.

12 Jul, 2009


Are they in their first year?Cos I dont think they flower unless youre lucky until 2nd year.Lynn

12 Jul, 2009


Aha! Maybe that's the problem with mine Lynndylou! There are wonderful hollyhocks down in the valley, but up here, 700 mtrs up in the mountains, my two - which finally germinated out of 16 - look like little stunted weeds with 3 or 4 tatty leaves. Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll flower next year?

12 Jul, 2009


Think I've got the same problem Lynndylou & Inverglen say... I've either fed them before they were ready as they're in a big planter box with other plants that were flowering or it's because they are in their first year. We live & learn! :0)

12 Jul, 2009

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