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I have been asked to plant a border out for someone with perennials but I just wondered if now was too late to be doing this?




When I planted out things for customers, whether it was a complete or sections of a new border, I always made a rule that I would do any planting mid sept until mid April. That way the plants could get settled in without the need to be watered. if the plants are in pots and have been acclimatised to outdoor conditions, which invariably they are, they can be planted out anytime, except when the ground is frozen. So I don't see a problem re your request.

26 Sep, 2012


It's one of the best times for planting perennials, while the soil is still warm. I agree - go for it!

26 Sep, 2012


And with all this rain we have had this week the ground should be ideal. Have fun.

26 Sep, 2012


But wear a mac!

26 Sep, 2012


An umbrella would be handy too!! I think our GOY friends up north and in Scotland may well be fed up with the terrible storms and floods that have visited them in the past hours. I would like to get on with my border clearing project but the rain keeps stopping and starting all day......sometimes quite heavy.

26 Sep, 2012

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