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Why is my blueberry breaking all the rules ann still thriving

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I am not sure the photo of my blueberry has downloaded properly so I will describe it for you.
My single blueberry bush is in it's second year, ex woolworths, variety unknown, and thriving. The plant fruited last year, producing 50 or so sweet and juicy berries.
This year it has 200 plus healthy fruits, which I think is a good result for a plant growing in totally wrong conditions.
The bush is planted in a large bucket of ericaceous compost, which is standing in a 3 inch deep container full of rainwater. The plant has always been grown this way and the water continually topped up.
According to all you experts, this bush should be dead or on it's last legs as blueberries hate having their feet in water, but not all experts agree with you.
I happened to be listening to a gardening expert on Radio Bristol just before I bought the plant, and she was saying that blueberries in her garden always thrived when standing in dishes of rainwater; and she was right.
Please explain how such diverse opinions can both be right, or are you prepared to change your minds

On plant vaccinium corymbosum




the pot is in a shallow tray of water so the soil isnt water logged. so the rest of the pot has plenty of air spaces in the compost. therefore the roots dont die. try standing it in water half the depth of the pot and it wouldnt be happy i suspect. hope this helps.

12 Jul, 2009


Actually yours is a very encouraging story as it shows how well blueberries can be grown in pots. I've always wanted to try them but as we are on very limey soil I didn't think we could. You have really well fruiting plants in a pot, so we must give it a try.
I guess using rainwater is essential or hard water will kill them!

13 Jul, 2009

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