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should i repot my strawberries?

Massachusetts, United States Us

i planted strawberry roots and they started to sprout leaves and then all of a sudden they dried up even though they were watered



When you say 'strawberry roots' do you mean runners, the small plantlets which form on long stems around the old strawberry plants? If this is the case, I'd guess you severed the stems from the parent plant too early before they'd rooted properly, or your watering was too irregular. I've noticed that at least one of the runners I'm rooting has died in its pot, but that's because I haven't watered every day.

15 Jul, 2009


actually i mean strawbeey roots like when you order from a gardening company and they send you roots to plant

15 Jul, 2009


If they have all died then it's probably something to do with your care of them. It's easy to think you have watered enough but not to do so in hot, dry weather, when the pots can dry out quickly, especially small pots. If the odd couple have died, it might be worth complaining to the company which supplied them. I've received some pretty duff strawberries from mail order companies. We are lucky that we can buy superb plants already growing away well in pots in the market here, and at a very low price! If you can find plants already growing well in pots it's worth it.

16 Jul, 2009


thanks bertiefox ill try to contact the company. they did say they will replace anything that did not groww i just wanted to make sure they didnt go into hybernation for next season before uprooting them.

16 Jul, 2009

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