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By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Im growing pumpkins and they and romping well. They appear to be groeing what I think maybe yellow flowersat the moment they look like closes pincers, is this where the actual pumpkins grow from like on toms and peppers etc?

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Pumpkins have male and female flowers and it's the female flowers that produce the fruit.

If the flower has a swelling beneath the petals it's female.

15 Jul, 2009


aha... I will check to see if this appears anywhere

cheers hun

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15 Jul, 2009


You need the plant or a neighbouring plant to be producing male flowers in order for pollination to take place and pumpkins to form. The male and female flowers sometimes dont happen at the same time as each other so just because there maybe a fruit behind the female flower, if no males are out, then it wont be pollianted, and therefore drop off!

15 Jul, 2009


oh my goodness, will heep an eye, my neighbour also has a pumpkin growing so will sneak a peak there too, may be able to help each oher

x x x

15 Jul, 2009

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