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Japanese Acer


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

This was very stupidly put in the most rediculous section of garden (by me) and got very battered,windblown,sun damaged.

I moved it as soon as somewhere more suitable was created, when I did move it I noticed the roots where yellowy brown, and didnt appear to have much growth.

Now its in a better spot the leaves are looking green where they join the little brances they are joined to. It was a most beautiful deep red but now looks a murky redy brown with seeweed green in the areas mentioned.

Ive been giving it water from cooking vegetables on the hope this may give it something extra and yesterday I gave it some tomarite.Should I prune it right down and let it save its energy on mending its self? or just let it do what it does and hope for the best?

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I'd say leave it, it doesn't sound ill. Acers do tend to lose their vivid colours in the Summer before changing again in Autumn when it will lose all it's leaves anyway.

Regarding feeding, Acers like the soil slightly acidic and cooking water might be salty especially if salt is added which wouldn't be good for it at all. Also Tomorite is primarily designed for fruiting/flowering plants so may not be as beneficial as other fertilizers such as Miracle Gro.

15 Jul, 2009


eek, ok will lay off the vegie water (no added salt) and get some miracle grow just as a little pick me up
the poor thing has had nothing but trouble from me since I planted it in the ground

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15 Jul, 2009


Just use rainwater when necessary until it recovers. If you want to feed it use Miracid for acid loving plants.

15 Jul, 2009


Dont prune it down either. The plant as you know isn't everygreen, so any major manky leaves will stay on the plant until autumn, and some may drop off now. Water and feed. What soil is it in-clay, sandy?

15 Jul, 2009


its quite a clay type soil in respects to when its wet it forms large clumps but I did prepare the area quite well(i thought) with well rotted maure and multi purpose compost, should have used acid one I realise now

will leave it for now and try not to worry too much

thanks everyone

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15 Jul, 2009

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