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By Massa

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Help!!! My lovely Rosemary bush whichnI had grown in a container for a few years was transplanted to my new bed where it flourished all summer but has now gone all dried up and grey and looks like it has died. Can anyone advise me if it should golike that in the winter and will come back or is itindeed dead and is it worthwhile replacing it as I so loved its looks and smell.

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No, its an evergreen. Looks like its dead, but scrape back a bit of bark near the base to see if its green. Looks like it died from a shortage of water - although they do well in sunny, dry situations, all new plants need a good soaking every few days until they've established good roots, so you'd needed to have watered during dry spells until winter comes.

28 Sep, 2012


A thriving rosemary bush indicates that the woman of the house is in charge.

Has there been regime change in your domestic arrangements?

28 Sep, 2012



30 Sep, 2012

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