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non-flowering paeony bowl of beauty


By Steve93

United Kingdom Gb

I planted peony Bowl of Beauty in 2004. It has never flowered properly. Last year it had very small flower heads but they did not open. This year nothing. It has always had very pale green foliage, much lighter than the rest of my peonies.
Can you help me with identifying the problem?

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If this was a rhododendron, I'd diagnose iron and manganese deficiency, cos that's exactly what it looks like. However, if the rest of your paeonies grow in the same area of your garden well, then it might not be that. Check for red spider mite infestation, and any other kind of mite underneath the leaves. If you find nothing, feed it with an ericaceous feed to see if it helps. Otherwise, if there's nothing on the plant, it could just be a virus - this causes variegation, mottling or yellowing like this, and there's no treatment for it.

15 Jul, 2009


Thanks Bamboo. Good advice but unfortunately I have tried everything but the ericaceous feed. I will try that and hope it changes something as it is a beautiful plant when it flowers properly.

15 Jul, 2009


I think this is virus. my bowl of beauty is in alkaline soil and a lovely dark green leaf, so i dont think pH is the problem. This mottling is typical of viral infection.

16 Jul, 2009

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