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By Dab

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when and how much by do i prune my patio fruit trees? thanks for the help teegee,its was very clear



Depends on what type of fruit trees they are.

Let us know the fruit types!

28 Sep, 2012


Quote;sorry never thought of that teegee, ive got a pear ,apple,and sour cherry from last year and two new ones ive just planted which i presume i dont have to prune this year,


You should have pruned the new growth back to the 'basal cluster' in August.

The basal cluster is formed near i.e. about 3"-4"above where the new branch leaves the older branch .

It is a cluster of leaves rather than pairs of leaves as seen further up the branch!

So as you are a bit late I would cut the new growth ( water growth) down to about 6" from where it formed!

Pears these want similar treatment!


These are quite different and timing is crucial and I would say you are now to late to do it this year.

In spring you can cut the wispy branches back by about half, then if required prune the tree about the end of May.

Usually new purchases are prepared prior to sale unless it is old stock that has been sitting around for a year or more!

If this is the case then treat as described above!

I hope that helps!

29 Sep, 2012

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