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fern dicksonia antarctica


By Citysuz

south wales newport, United Kingdom Gb

i havent long bought this plant and have noticed that a lot of the stems are dying by going brown on tips of the fern first then they all die plz can you help me as i dont want to lose it altogether

On plant fern dicksonia antarctia




It likes a shady, coolish spot - have you got it in full sun, cos it certainly is in the picture

15 Jul, 2009


no i had just moved it to take a picture i had about 8 stems of fern when i recieved it but have 3 left now i do keep it in the shade as my sister has one and told me to do that as i said it starts with the tips going brown then the whole stem dies many thanks also for your reply

15 Jul, 2009


If you have moved it to take the pic...I'm assuming that you have it in a pot?....not sure if they will like being in a pot...they need lots of moisture too. Can I suggest if you can, plant it in the ground and spray the trunk regularly. I know this sounds daft, but it works......pour some sugary water in the top of the trunk and repeat after a week. Keep it well watered and sprayed and you should soon see more new fronds coming...I tried and it worked. If you feel gently in the top where the brown furry stuff is (yes I know, very technical) you may be able to feel some bumps....these will be the new fronds.
Good luck!

15 Jul, 2009


thank you so much i will try that and one my hubby as sorted the garden i will plant it in the ground but will try the sugary water until then many many thanks much appricated

15 Jul, 2009

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