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Halimiocistus sahucii.....
Planted in a container in spring - I think it would benefit from being re potted into something larger. Can this be done now or am I better waiting until spring?
It has grown very well this year - but lacking flowers, only putting on the occasional flower throughout the summer. Which I suspect is mainly due to lack of sun.
I know that this plant would be better off in the ground but I can't give it the ideal conditions it requires (poor soil, full sun and a sheltered spot).
I've added a picture for reference. Thanks in advance for any help.




This makes a good ground cover plant and is pruning group 9 so needs little care once established in the ground. I think its over crowded? you could try repotting but wait till next spring.

28 Sep, 2012


Thanks Drc. I'll repot it in Springtime into that large pot next to it, when I find a home for the Clematis that's already in there.
I would love to have it in the ground but as I said above my garden is too moist for it!
Thanks again :)

29 Sep, 2012


If the plant is potbound you will have a struggle getting it out of that shape of pot without having to break it,
I think the manufacturers make them that shape on purpose to make people buy more when they have to break them, I don,t like pots that are wider in the middle than at the top for this reason, although they do look very nice lol, Derek.

29 Sep, 2012


Thanks for your input Derek - I had thought that I will need to loose the pot. On the plus wasn't an expensive one. You are right - they do look nice and a manufacturers ploy :))

29 Sep, 2012

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