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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

The garden is starting to look tired , although the sun flowers are as good as ever , the pots are needing to be dealt with soon , question , is it possible to over-winter pelegoniums ? I've tried just taking them into the greenhouse ; last year I dried the roots and left them in newspaper , what else could I try ?



Have you got space indoors for any,Driad ? I pot some of mine up,and trim the foliage back..they would be ok in a Conservatory,or a light window sill,they will still keep on flowering for a while,if it's warm enough....or you could still take cuttings from them,if growing on inside..I know it's late in the season,but I have done it at this time of year..

29 Sep, 2012


Thanks , Bloomer . I do take them into the greenhouse , but I've never cut them back before , so I'll try that , and use the "cut-offs" as cuttings .
Hope springs eternal !

30 Sep, 2012


I think they are better cut back, the stems can get leggy and woody,so you should get new growth coming from lower down,and gives the plant a rest.A lot of the older leaves tend to go yellow anyway,especially in a cold your greenhouse heated ? I tried overwintering in the shed once,and it was too cold for I keep them inside..

30 Sep, 2012


No , the greenhouse isn't heated , but I'll try to get a bit of insulation organised this year .
Do you know , Bloomer , if it is too soon to cut back the foliage on the grape ?
The fruit was a wipe-out , flies and mould ruined them , about 10lbs of them , I picked them the other day .

1 Oct, 2012


Good idea ,Driad..I doubt if they would survive otherwise..
and sorry,but I don't know anything about grapes,as I've never grown them..what a shame ,all gone to waste..such a disappointment for you..:o(

1 Oct, 2012


Thanks anyway , Bloomer . o(

2 Oct, 2012



2 Oct, 2012

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